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Welcome to my home on the InterWebs

This site is obviously short on style.  Hopefully, the quality of the minimal content here will compensate for that.

If your business has need for a broad-spectrum SQL Server guru with 30 years’ worth of industry experience, including the last eleven at Microsoft, please check out my resume and professional blog, and contact me if you’d like to speak further.

If you’re interested in my ponderings beyond the technical world, please visit my personal blog.

I’d love to promise bold things for this site, but at this point my intent is simply to provide a single portal to my other Internet presences, my personal email, and my resume.

But with free time and a little energy, who knows what could happen?

Thanks for visiting!

     Ward Pond

This page was born on 17 July 2010
and last updated on 20 July 2010

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